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We are a fast growing national driving school all over the UK. Use the map as reference and then click on your region text link listed below. From there you can then see the list of towns/cities we cover within your selected region.

# IMPORTANT NOTICE – Not every Town/City has been updated, so to make sure you don’t miss out using our introductory offer’s, call 03333 01 3333 to confirm.




For those new to the world of driving, getting behind the wheel for the first time can be a daunting experience.  But, taking your first steps towards getting your driving licence is also highly exciting and rewarding. Learning to drive offers new found freedoms and opportunities – for many people, it is life changing!

At Drive Dynamics, we understand the importance driving has to people’s lives, therefore we strive to ensure that our driving lessons are not only the highest quality, but also enjoyable and fun.

Book Driving Lessons with Drive Dynamics & Enjoy:

  • Expert driving tuition
  • Discounted block driving lessons
  • Pass Plus
  • Professional, friendly and patient driving instructors
  • Tips and advice on theory tests
  • Special Introductory Offers 10 lessons only £129*, 15 lessons from 259*, 20 lessons from £389*
Simon CalvertCheck If Drive Dynamic’s Provide Driving Lessons In Your Area: