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With expert driving instructors, Drive Dynamics can offer you everything you are looking for at one of their driving schools in Halifax.  We are a national company that is family run and all of our instructors are friendly, dedicated and supportive, and have all been approved by the Driving Standards Agency, (DSA).  They have already achieved a High First Time Pass Rate, so you know that they are reliable and experienced to take you all the way to the test stage!

The offer for all new learner drivers is for 10 full lessons at the incredible price of £99, and is available through our Beginner Driving Courses that will teach you all that you will need to know about the Theory and the Practical Tests, and when the time comes, you will be taken to the Test Centre at Cross Street West for the big day!!

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Intensive Driving Courses In Halifax

Impatient to take those driving lessons in Halifax, and don’t want them dragged out over months of lessons, or maybe you are too nervous, and want them over as soon as possible. Whatever the reason, we have Fast Pass Courses designed just for you, with more intensive lessons that cram it all in to as few hours as possible, whatever each individual needs, and a starting price of just £150! For more details, see under the heading, Fast Pass Courses on the homepage.


Many drivers are still nervous about driving on the motorway, even when they have passed their test, so we offer Advanced Driving Courses to help you build up your self esteem and have belief in your driving skills, especially when you tackle the motorway network.  You will also gain another driving qualification when you pass the course, Pass Plus, and our driving instructors in Halifax will be happy to take you on the M62 and support you all the way!

What Drive Dynamics Instructors Love About Halifax…

Halifax is renowned for the building society, or bank as it has since become, being named after it, and also the Mackintosh toffee and chocolate range of sweets that are now owned by Nestle.  It lies among the moors of the South Pennines, and has access to many major roads in the area.  The M62 motorway is close by and also the A641, and the town is near to Bradford, Rochdale and Huddersfield.

Some Fun & Interesting Facts About Halifax:-

1.) The Minster town of Halifax can be found in the county of West Yorkshire, and was once the centre of woollen manufacturing during the 15th century and beyond.
2.) The population was estimated to be about 90,000 people in 2004, and has grown since then to about 115,000.
3.) Halifax is well known for giving its name to the former Halifax Building Society, which is now Halifax Bank.
4.) The Minster in Halifax has parts that date back as far as the 12th century.
5.) In Gibbet Street, a replica of the renowned Halifax Gibbet can be seen, as a reminder of the days when corporal punishment was more severe, and your head would be chopped off!  This was used as punishment long before the French used a guillotine as a macabre form of entertainment in the French revolution.
6.) The first organist of the Halifax Parish Church, was Sir William Herschel, back in 1765,  but he is more famous for discovering the planet Uranus in 1781, and this was the first planet to be discovered by telescope.
7.) The man who built the Houses of Parliament, Charles Barry, also built the Town Hall in Halifax in 1863.
8.) Near to Halifax, you will find the village of Southowram, which is where author, Emily Bronte worked for a short time as a teacher, and gained ideas for her novel, Wuthering Heights.

Find Your Nearest Practical Test Centre In Halifax:

11 Cross Street West, Pellon
Halifax, West Yorkshire

Find Your Nearest Theory Test Centre In Halifax:

5th Floor, Ramsden House, New Street,

1st Floor, Caspian House, 61 East Parade,

Go on, pick up the phone and dial one of our two numbers, 03333 013333 today, and book your lessons with one of our advisors, or the alternative method is to fill out the online booking form, and they can call you right back!!

Drive Dynamics is also proud to offer local lessons in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Harrogate, Castleford and many more areas.