Hazard Perception Test Online – 2014 Latest Edition Including Official DSA Clips

Having Trouble Perceiving Those Hazards – Use Our Online Software!!

Once you start your lessons with one of our expert driving instructors in your area, you will be given the link to register and start using our *free online software to help you to get an insight into the Official Theory Test as set out by the DSA, Driving Standards Agency, to get an idea what you will come across on your test.

In the Hazard Perception section of the Theory Test, you have to look at video clips of simulated scenarios and highlight the potential hazards.  Some people think it is easy to do, as you can just randomly click everywhere and you are bound to find them!  But wrong!  If you do this you will lose points, so you do need to know exactly how to perceive things and what the Hazards are!


Hazard Perception Test

On the test software, you are given the opportunity to test your awareness of developing hazards and road side dangers.  The full solution video clips used will score you in the same way that the official test does, so that you can see how you have performed.  It also includes clips that are fully licensed by the DSA, and is set out in a 14 video clip mode as in the official test, to give you chance to gain the full experience as you practice.  There are also single and dual hazard video clips that will certainly test your awareness!



Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Access To The Above Online Theory Trainer

Our standard terms & conditions apply to the above offers with theory & hazard perception online trainer bookings.

You have unlimited access to the site once you have registered, so that you can use it as often as you like, whenever you have a spare moment to practice.  Your driving instructor will also have access and be able to assess your results, so that they can see what areas you are more competent at than others, so that during your lessons, they will be able to concentrate on working you through the weaker points.

Once you have looked at the Theory Test questions from the 963 test questions held in the test bank, you can concentrate on the hazard and Perception section.  There is a translator machine with 40 languages, so that non-English speaking people can still participate equally, and a specific topic section that gives you the opportunity to practice specific areas that you feel less confident in.

To be able to use the *FREE software online, all that you need to do, is give one of our call centre team a call on 03333 01 3333, and they will discuss your options with you, to make sure that you book driving lessons that are best suited to your individual needs.  Once booked, you will meet your instructor who will give you the link to access the site and you can practice your Theory to your heart’s content!

* Free Hazard Perception and Online Theory test free on certain lesson deals only details available upon request

David SatterleyHazard Perception Test Online – 2014 Latest Edition Including Official DSA Clips