Drive Dynamics Instructors Are All Fully Licensed! Be Aware Of Unlicensed Driving Schools/Instructors!

Police stopping instructorsIt has come to light recently that there are many driving instructors, operating as a driving school to teach people to drive, who have not got a license to do so!  This has been highlighted by police who have made random stops on instructors and on checking their details, have found them to be operating illegally.  This is not safe for any learner driver, who not only is getting into a car with a stranger, but also are being taught by someone who has not not been trained to teach them the safe way to drive, which can put their lives at risk!

Learning to drive is a big step to take, and the way to make sure that your instructor is legal and licensed to teach you, is by checking that they are registered and approved by the Driving Standards Agency, (DSA).  This should be easy as they display their DSA Approved badge in the windscreen, and any reputable driving instructor will happily produce documents to support this on request. There is a safe and secure way, however, to ensure they are registered.

Drive Dynamics assure you that our driving instructors have all the necessary qualifications and they are approved by the DSA.

When a driving instructor has been approved by the DSA, it tells you as a learner driver, that they are not only qualified to teach you to drive, but that they have also had a CRB check performed on them.  This would show if they had ever a criminal record or Social Services register listing for offences.  The DSA then carry out regular assessments on instructors to make sure they are updating their training, to be able to provide the best service to their pupils.  The badges are green for fully qualified instructors, or pink for trainee instructors, both of which will display a photograph of the instructor, their reference number and expiry date.

Always plan before you venture out, and always use a company with a good reputation, ensuring you are safe and sound.

To take that step to learn to drive, make the right one, and be sure that your driving instructor is the right one for you!  Call our team on 03333 01 3333 and they will happily allay any fears you may have and advise you on the right course and instructor for your personal needs.

Simon CalvertDrive Dynamics Instructors Are All Fully Licensed! Be Aware Of Unlicensed Driving Schools/Instructors!