Good News For Motorists As Fuel Prices Are Reduced By Supermarkets!

Petrol PricesDue to the unrest in the Middle East, it was feared that fuel prices would increase a lot more than we are already paying.  The good news for drivers all over the country, is that the Supermarkets have waged a fuel price war, and the big four stores have all dropped their prices or have incentive schemes in store to bring the prices down.

Sainsbury’s were the first to announce that they are reducing the price of their unleaded petrol by six pence per litre to 129.9, and diesel costs to 136.9 pence.  The chain wanted their customers to benefit from the recent cut in wholesale prices.

This was followed closely by Asda, who have reduced their unleaded petrol down to 128.7 pence per litre, and diesel prices down to 135.7 pence.  This is the third reduction that Asda have made recently and great news for their customers who can fill up their car for a lot less, the cheapest it has been this year!

Tesco are currently charging 129.9 for their unleaded petrol per litre, and also have their in store incentive scheme, whereby, if you spend £50, you receive a voucher for a further 5pence off a litre of fuel!  We all know how easy it is to spend £50 in a supermarket in a single transaction, so this will help customers no end!

Morrisons also have reduced their prices to be competitive to the other supermarkets, but have not released updated prices as yet.  They also have an in store scheme to assist with fuel costs.  If you purchase a Gift card for £10, they will give you a voucher for 1p off fuel per litre, £20 Gift card, 2p voucher and so on.  With Xmas on the horizon, this is a great time to take advantage of the offer and save money on your fuel prices!

Do not ignore your local petrol stations in preference to the supermarkets though, as they too remain competitive on prices, and some also have incentive schemes or offers to keep them in line with the supermarket chains.

Unfortunately, when you drive, especially if you commute to work, or do a regular school run, you need to buy fuel for your vehicle to get from A to B.  This makes any news about prices coming down, a great relief for drivers nationwide.  You can go online to use a comparison site to find the cheapest fuel prices in your area, by simply putting in your post code, and they will list all the local petrol stations and prices.  This saves you riding around wasting fuel to find them!  Try it today, why pay more than you have to?  Any savings you can make will help, and leave you some extra money to treat yourself to something else!

Simon CalvertGood News For Motorists As Fuel Prices Are Reduced By Supermarkets!