Pupils, Proms & Prices…

chequered flagA big thank you to all of you who rallied around the flag over the last couple of weeks. We appreciate your loyalty and Drive Dynamics is busier, better and more united than ever for it! In fact we have broken all records online this last week, with more pupils booking lessons than ever before… and new instructors are continuing to join our team from all over the UK.

Ballroom Dancing Couple So its prom week for many students as exams draw to a close and prom season is well underway. The expense parents go to dress and impress!!! Our sons attended their proms, and it is very interesting to watch the lengths boys as well as girls go to to stand out from the crowd.

Our house has been full of hair products and aftershave as Jack and Will attended their proms. Even our 10 year old Evelyn has a mini prom next week as she moves up to senior school… ahhhhhh… how time flies… Proms are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK really taking off in the last 3 years, whilst in America this seasonal event spans the Summer season.

£We have found that in parallel with prom season, driving lesson bookings have have really gone through the roof over the past 4 weeks. The last 2 weeks have been exceptionally busy… Monday and Tuesday broke all our records for pupil bookings. We have also been increasing lesson prices to reflect the increase in demand so our instructors earn as much as possible.

Every morning Team Dynamics hold a morning meeting to highlight the events of the following day and communicate targets etc to the team. If you would ever like to be part of the meeting via Skype let us know you are more than welcome to join us remotely!

Lesson prices are going up area by area if you would like to increase your price for your hourly rate why not give us a call? We can discuss and implement your price rise personally, we love to get your feedback…

Letter F with social wordsThe Driving Instructor industry is extremely competitive and we have always been. Our Facebook account now sits at 97,000 likes and is the biggest in the driving instructor industry, we are classed as an “influencer” by Facebook which means we influence the way that pupils and parents think about driving lessons ….pretty powerful stuff ! Our likes are natural and are generated by our advertising, they are not as one of the MD’s of one company stated this week “fake” nor are they created by “black hat ” techniques. It shows that we really do spend on advertising for our instructors.

This week has seen the launch of our new workwear site with instructor items to purchase directly online. Here is the link http://www.drive-dynamics.co.uk/workwear-shop/ we would love some selfies to show off on our Facebook programme please send them in to us !

Please also remember to contact your pupils as soon as you possibly can so that your pupil receives great customer service. It’s really important that we arrange a lesson almost as soon as they book – we do understand you are busy and might not be able to call straight away, but the sooner you make contact the better service the pupil receives. We are committed to contacting the pupils within 24 hours from booking if you can’t for any reason please let us know.
Did you enjoy this update? We would like to know how you found it is there anything you would like including or removing. Too short or too long? Anything else you would like us to add?
In the meantime enjoy the sunshine!
From Team Dynamics!


Simon CalvertPupils, Proms & Prices…