Question: Do pupils at Drive Dynamics cancel their driving lessons during exam weeks?

Exams are in full flow for most of the 16 -18 yr old students across the UK . It is a difficult time for our pupils and Mums and Dads too, knowing where and when to step in . As a Mum of three I adopt the motto “Parents should be seen and not heard” at exam time… Plenty of space and support is the policy I have adopted! and good home cooked food – with the odd treat thrown in too. Will’s our son’s favourite exam food is “Mac n’ Cheese” with garlic bread!


I hope it pays off for our kids. Jack aged 18, Will aged 16 and Evelyn aged 10 yrs. There is no rule book that’s for sure.

The main question that I get asked at this time of year is… should we be encouraging driving lessons right in the middle of exam time? My answer is… its a question that raises a few more questions… so…

I thought i would ask our trusted instructors for their opinions. As a parent you do need to be involved in the process and certainly Adam’s response was great here… (see below) As a mum of two late teens and a “tween” I would say its good to have different activities that allow “time out” from studying. The brain is a muscle so if you use a different part of it for learning to drive that gives you all round brain power… and a welcome diversion. Trust your own judgment have confidence ! you know your kids best.


This morning I spoke to three of our instructors, Emma, Keith and Adam.

Emma’s pupil Holly is studying her AS levels,she has put off her theory to work on her exams and she has fitted her lessons around her exam days. One day last week Emma went out of her way to pick Holly up from school (Holly’s request) straight after her exam… she said she found the lesson relaxing! she found it “fun and exciting !” That’s great to hear well done Emma. Its important for instructors to work with their pupil and understand everyone is different… Keith our instructor in Warrington finds that often pupils prefer to rearrange on exam week, and as long as pupils let Keith know he remains flexible at exam time. Well done Keith and Emma two different stories but both work for you and the pupils. great news! I love Adam’s approach below which is pragmatic


Adam agrees this is a super difficult subject and if Mum and Dad want their child to concentrate on their studies and exams its important to respect parents wishes, to reduce pressure… Adam says “if you involve parents in the learning process right from the start through the lesson plans and progress reports and record cards we have at Drive Dynamics that’s really helpful. Most parents do feel that the driving lesson breaks up revision sessions and is beneficial…..”

What do you think?

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Throw away your paper licence – New rules!

We also woke up this morning to find that we don’t need our paper counterparts for our driving licenses anymore… That’s got to be a good thing? Just one less thing for pupils to remember on lessons and on tests. No more wasted days or cancelled lessons whilst a distraught pupil turns their house upside down. Drivers can upload their online information now.

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Pupil Bookings at Drive Dynamics

I spoke to Josh and Farhan this morning our Team leaders for pupil bookings at our contact centre. Last week was a great week for booking pupils. This Monday was a record for pupils booking their lessons. Well done team !

Jobs and Careers at Drive Dynamics

Josh and Farhan are both every excited as they are on a training and development plan to become Managers with us. Did you know that at Drive Dynamics most of our managers are internally promoted? Often from Saturday positions and work experience positions… if you are interested in finding out more about careers with our team… then you can email us at

Jack and Matthew are on a gap year this year after their A levels and are adding to their CV by working in our Instructor recruitment team. There are many varied roles from admin to management, fleetcare to training… If you are thinking about what your career will be after school then its always good to get some careers advice. We even give our team time off for revision etc which means they have one less thing to worry about .

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Simon CalvertQuestion: Do pupils at Drive Dynamics cancel their driving lessons during exam weeks?