Tips How To Become A Better Driver

Below is a list of 36 tips which will help anyone to become a better driver:

1. Keep Focused on the road.

2. Don’t trust anyone on the road!

3. If you are not sure – GIVE WAY Anyway!

4. Don’t go faster than the speed limit allows you too, or conditions of the road.

5. Avoid driving when you are ill, or not feeling well.

6. Use your seat belts, and check your passengers do too!

7. Drive precisely try to be perfect on the road.

8. Relax but be focused (never drive if you are stressed)

9. Observe the road

10. Keep space between other vehicles.

11. Be aware of external and surrounding blind spots.

12. Always signal your intentions

13. Be a predictable driver – you don’t want to surprise anyone.

14. Avoid distractions

15. Beware of junctions

16. You need to know how to stop

17. Take care of your vehicle

18. Get rid of “tailgaters”

19. Better be 5 minutes later then never arrive

20. Drive smoothly

21. If there is no other vehicle on the road, doesn’t mean you are safe

22. Deal with light glare

23. Be extra careful on train crossovers

24. Beware of stopping or slow moving vehicles  

25. Think Bike! – Share the road with others

26. Recognize the futility of rushing

27. Start Rested – Keep Fresh!!

28. Make space for parked vehicles on a road

29. Slow down when approaching junctions

30. Turning right? Look right!

31. Beware of stopped vehicles at crosswalks

32. Never stop on a Motorway

33. Secure loose objects

34. Keep your child safe

35. Choose your route for safety.

36. Don’t pump ABS Breaks

David SatterleyTips How To Become A Better Driver