Drive Dynamics Pupil Reviews

Lisa, Bolton – Fantastic!!!!!!!!

Was really nervous about driving after putting it off for years. Booking was so easy, the people on the phone lovely to deal with and my driving instructor, Nick, is amazing. Made me feel at ease and more confident straight away. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Drive Dynamics!!!!!!

Coutney, Wigan – Amazing

Definitely recommend this company!

Aman, Guildford – Just Too Good!

Haven’t seen more experienced instructor in my whole life. Amazing services!!
Valerie, Blackburn – From start to pass
Everything from start to pass ran smoothly my instructor was fantastic, patient, thorough and got me through my test first time

Ehsan, London – Excellent

I am very thankful of my instructor Manuel Jesus. He helped me a lot to teach me driving on the road. He teach me every subject by step to step. He has good experince and i highly recommend to other people. Thanks

Alexandria, Edinburgh – Great!

I would absolutely recommend Drive Dynamics! I was referred to an instructor I an working with now and progressing very well with much thanks to his calm manner and talking through every step thoroughly.

Tatiana, Ilford – Very helpful

Very good company! 5*

Afiza, Leeds – my instructor (Fizana)

I would like to recommend Fizana for a good technique in teaching driving, for giving me confidence and overall being a good instructor! 😀

Amrita, Edinburgh – Great!

Really good service.

Sapphire,Doncaster – Amazing instructor!

Had less likely than 15 hours of lessons and I’ve learnt so much! I’ve come such a long way and my instructor is amazing!!

Jessica, Kent – Instructor Simon Jenner

Excellent teacher, always has a solution to problems and issues with driving. Gives you a big confidence boost. Highly recommended.

Pamela, London – Excellent!!!!

I was very sceptical about using Drive Dynamics after reading the reviews! I wanted to give my daughter driving lessons as a xmas present. I decided to call and I spoke to a lovely man by the name of Mathew. I voiced my concerns and I did give him a hard time – I wanted him to confirm that I will get a call from an instructor (as most of the bad reviews were saying no one called! One person even said they have been waiting for 3 months!!!!). He was very pleasant and understanding. He called a driving instructor named Manuel who was in my area and we had a 3 way call. I was re-assured that he will teach my daughter. Manuel turned up at the scheduled time as promised and my daughter is very happy with him. Manuel calls me when my daughter is approaching home so I can watch her park. I am so happy with my service from Mathew and the instructor. I highly recommend this driving school.

Eva, Ilford – Excellent

I loved learning with my driving instructor Aurfan from drive dynamics, even did a plus pass course with him afterwards. Lovely and helpful company- would recommend to anyone! 🙂 thank you

Anthony, Leeds – “Would recommend this company”

Having put off driving for years I decided to take the leap and do my lessons with Drive Dynamics and I can’t express how much I was made to feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel. Would recommend this company to anyone and I managed to pass my driving test on October 1st 2015 with only 4 minors so if you want a licence they are only 1 call away.

Natanya, Sheffield – “My experience at Drive Dynamics”

Had an amazing instructor, he made sure I knew everything, constantly reassure me in any areas I wasn’t confident with therefore I passed first time thanks to parazh. Very thankful for the experience Highly recommended driving school.

Aggy, Bolton – “Great Driving School”

My experience was great! My instructor made me feel very comfortable since day one and even one year after passing my exam I can still hear his words in my head from time to time. Dexter was initially my husbands instructor and after both of us passed the practical we managed to recommend him to a few friends. Not every instructor is the same but my hubby and I were very lucky.

Paulo, Crawley – “Can’t complain”

Great instructor , friendly well spoken and very clear with instructions . Would definitely recommend using them! In fact I already have and they were very pleased with the service provided!

Jake, Halifax – “Really good driving school”

Good driving school and really helpful!

Yong-min, Wakefield – “Great Company, Great Prices, Great Instructors”

I was nervous and apprehensive for my first lesson but my instructor made me feel comfortable and at ease. Everything was explained in great detail and was very informative. The prices are extremely reasonable for the professionalism of my instructor. I would highly recommend Drive Dynamics to any of my friends, family or anyone who may be reading these reviews.

Anthony, Northampton – “Helpful, honest”

DD went out of their way to find me an instructor at extremely late notice. The instructor, Matt, came out of his area to give me an intensive course as the company I had previously contacted let me down. Matt was very patient and helpful. I passed first time with only 2 minors after my intensive course. Would recommend to anyone

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Helped me to excel in driving and I was able to learn very quickly despite having no previous experience.
Lessons rating : Very good course, good prices compared to other driving schools.

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Great service and Dave my instructor is a great guy and a great teacher.
Lessons rating : Great company that i will recommend to anyone.

7 Intermediate Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Amazing driving instructor, MUCH better than a previous one for a different company, very helpful, patient and helped me pass first time :-)!
Lessons rating : Saved two hours for a lesson before test and the actual test which helps financially during the test period and good value for money due to a great instructor!

20 Beginner Driving Lessons £279
Service rating : Fantastic services and an amazing driving instructor.
Lessons rating : Would highly recommend to others. Already have referred 4 people.

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Fantastic service
Lessons rating : Absolutely fantastic

20 Beginner Driving Lessons £299
Service rating : Provide great easy services.
Lessons rating : Great value for money.

7 Intermediate Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Sam Fulton was a great instructor and I have recommended him to friends.
Lessons rating : Great!

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Steve was a brilliant driving instructor, I passed first time thanks to his high standard of teaching.
Lessons rating : Bargain!

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Great thank you
Lessons rating : Very good service and a good hook with the lessons to use just before the test, but happy with the deal 😉 Thank you very much.

5 Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Excellent instructor, the only place that would accept my last minute requests for a driver test car.
Lessons rating : I passed, so no complaints, only praise. Thank you!

5 Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Arnaldo is a good instructor, would recommend
Lessons rating : quite good value

7 Intermediate Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Efficient driving instructors, very patient.
Lessons rating : Good value.

7 Intermediate Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Took a while to get my lesson booked but once i started my lessons couldn’t be happier with Simon my driving instructor. he is so friendly and professional and just a brilliant instructor.
Lessons rating : Excellent value for money

1hr Driving Lessons £21
Service rating : I enjoyed 🙂 thank you
Lessons rating : The gentlemen who was my driving instructor was amazing I have learned everything 🙂

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Gordon my instructor is great and not had any problems
Lessons rating : Great price to get u started if a total beginner

18hour Intensive Driving Course
Service rating : very good service
Lessons rating : good

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : I had a very memorable experience with the instructor of this company, He was always on time and would ensure that you understand all aspect of the training. I wouldnt hessitate to recommend this company to anyone who wants to commence learning to drive. excellent for first time drivers.
Lessons rating : I had an overall brilliant service.

1hr Driving Lessons £21
Service rating : Fab
Lessons rating : Fab

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : I had the very BEST drive instructor!
Lessons rating : It’s great that I got to drive for a minimum of 2 hours per leson It is pricey but I passed 1st time so it was okay

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Drive dynamics provided me with an excellent offer.
Lessons rating : I am happy with my 10 lessons – though I had to take a few extra to gain confidence.

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Very pleased
Lessons rating : Very pleased – thank you

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : I wasnt very excited about learning to drive, in fact I was dreading it. Not because I was nervous just because the idea of driving around for 2 hours on an evening sounded boring.

My instructor, Dave, proved me wrong and I actually enjoyed every moment of it. He was encouraging, trusting and very relaxed and patient. Ultimately teaching me to pass my test firat time.

I would highly recommend drive dynamics and if youre in the Leeds/Pontefract area, ask for Dave.
Lessons rating : Great value.

10 Beginner Driving Lessons £99
Service rating : Excellent company; sent us a gift certificate for a Christmas present and reasonably priced too!
Lessons rating : We bought the lessons as part of a Christmas gift, and whilst I personally haven’t had the lessons, the person who has is making remarkable progress. Considering she had no idea whatsoever and literally didn’t know the basic functions of the pedals, she is now driving about and importantly she has gained confidence. This is all thanks to the instructor who quite literally must have the patience of a saint! Thanks!

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