Theory Test Online – 2014 Latest Edition

Theory Test Nerves – Practice On Our Online Software!

Yes, we are giving all of our learner drivers who book their driving lessons with Drive Dynamics the opportunity to use our online access to the Theory Test questions that you may come across when you take your Theory test at one of the Driving Standards Agency, (DSA) Test Centres who set the test for you.

You can use the software and practice as many times as you want, whenever you have a spare moment, and as you answer the questions, at the end of the test, you will be given your results, so you know the areas that you need to work on.  Your driving instructor will also have access to your results, so will be able to advise you of a strategy to assist you to find the right answers.


Free Theory Test Online

There are 963 questions in the test bank on the site, that are set out in the same format as used by the DSA for the official test, and the material used has been licensed by them for your use.  You are given the option to take a short test or a long test, dependent on how much spare time you have, and there is also an option to practice by topic, if you have a specific area you need to work more on.

If you need assistance to read, as you suffer from dyslexia or some other disorder, then there is the option to use the text to speech features which allow you to listen to the questions, and then answer.  After your progress report is completed, you will be able to use the adapted learning features to provide study programmes to further development.

There is a language machine with over 40 languages to allow for translation, so that everyone has access to the site.  Whenever the DSA update their site and tests, we will update our test questions to keep in line with them.  The questions in our test bank are currently valid for all theory Tests taken up to 1st December 2013.



Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Access To The Above Online Theory Trainer

Our standard terms & conditions apply to the above offers with theory & hazard perception online trainer bookings.

The best thing of all about this software, is the fact that it all yours to use!! You should take full advantage of our offer!  Once you book your driving lessons with your Drive dynamics driving instructor, they will give you the link to use to access the free online software, and keep an eye on how well you are doing, giving tips and advice when needed and plenty of encouragement and support throughout.

The Highway Code was a book in the old days that potential drivers had to plough their way through and answer questions on during their test.  Now it is so much easier with modern technology, as it is available on the website, and can be read and understood page by page, with the results given as you go.

So make sure you give one of our call centre team a call on 03333 01 3333 and they will book your lessons so that you can meet your driving instructor and gain access to our free online tests as soon as you can!

* Free Hazard Perception and Online Theory test free on certain lesson deals only details available upon request

David SatterleyTheory Test Online – 2014 Latest Edition